Who We Are

Department structure

The department is organised into 8 divisions which broadly reflect distinct functional units but there is also a substantial degree of co-operation and interaction between divisions.

Innovation and Investment Division

Assistant Secretary: John Newham

The Innovation and Investment Division carries policy and delivery management responsibility for the attraction of foreign direct investment to Ireland, enterprise innovation, intellectual property and the co-ordination of the department’s actions in the Housing for All strategy delivered through multiple agencies.

Indigenous Enterprise Division

Assistant Secretary: Pauline Mulligan

The primary role of the Indigenous Enterprise Division is to support indigenous enterprise across all regions in Ireland. 

Digital, EU and Climate Programmes Division

Assistant Secretary: Jean Carberry

The Digital, EU and Climate Programmes Division plays an important role in driving the digital and climate transition by the Irish enterprise sector.

Enterprise Strategy, Competitiveness and Evaluation Division

Assistant Secretary: Gary Tobin

The Enterprise Strategy, Competitiveness and Evaluation Division works with other divisions in the department and with other government departments with the aim of ensuring that policy supports a competitive, high-productivity and sustainable enterprise sector.

Trade Division

Assistant Secretary: Ronnie Downes

The Trade Division defines, coordinates and develops our position on EU policy matters and our relationship with EU Institutions to advance departmental EU priority measures. It is responsible for the identification, formulation and development of Ireland’s international trade policies, including at European Union trade policy negotiations and through active participation in the World Trade Organisation. 

Commerce, Consumer and Competition Division

Assistant Secretary: Colm Forde

The Commerce, Consumer and Competition Division is the policy arm of the department for developing a legal framework to deliver a fair and efficient market in which Irish commerce prospers and consumers are protected.

Workplace Regulation and Economic Migration Division

Assistant Secretary: Dermot Mulligan

The role of the Workplace Regulation and Economic Migration Division is to promote quality employment, positive workplace relations, well-functioning dispute resolution mechanisms, a safe working environment and assists Ireland’s enterprise base to access talent from overseas, through responsive and robust economic migration policy. 

Corporate Services Division

Assistant Secretary: Harry Lester

The overall objective of the Corporate Services Division is to provide efficient and effective support to allow the wider department to deliver on our broader strategic business goals responding and adapting to changing internal and external challenges. 

Further information on the allocation of management responsibilities can be found on whodoeswhat.gov.ie > DETE