Who We Are

Customer Service

The department is committed to providing the highest standards of service to all our customers.

Our Customer Charter and Customer Service Action Plan cover the period 2022-2024 and are based on the 12 Principles of Quality Customer Service.

We have in place robust customer complaints procedures to ensure that any complaints that we receive are fully examined and resolved as soon as possible.

Customer Charter and Customer Action Plan 2022-2024

The Charter primarily focuses on and describes the levels of service each customer is entitled to expect when dealing with the department and our commitment to ensuring that these service levels are maintained. It also provides information on:

  • service standards
  • customer input
  • complaints procedures
  • contact details for the key business areas of our department

The Customer Action Plan is an extension of the department’s Customer Charter and details the ways in which we will implement the key actions of the Charter. It is built around the 12 Principles of Quality Customer Service and it sets out the actions we intend to take over the next three years to ensure that further progress in the area of quality customer service delivery continues to be at the forefront of all our day-to-day activities.

Complaints Procedures

If you are not satisfied with the standard of service you receive, you can contact the business unit concerned or contact the Customer Services Unit: