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Supports for business: COVID-19 and ongoing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began the government has provided a range of financial supports for business. As these schemes close, your business may require additional supports. In the first instance you can get free advice from the nationwide network of Local Enterprise Offices, who can talk to you about the ongoing loans and grants the government provides.


COVID-19 Loan Scheme

If you are a small mid-cap business, farmer or fisher that has been impacted by COVID-19 and are seeking a medium-term, lower cost scheme to fund working capital, investment or refinance, find out more about the COVID-19 Loan Scheme - SBCI.

COVID-19 Business Loan Phase 2

If your pandemic-impacted microenterprise is seeking a loan but does not meet the conventional risk criteria of banks, the COVID-19 Business Loan - Microfinance Ireland might be of help.


Climate Toolkit 4 Business

Tackling our carbon emissions is good for our planet, our economy and your business. Climate Toolkit 4 Business provides you with practical ways to start taking action with a clear and accessible starting point for any business, signposting them to useful climate action resources.

Crisis Response Business Financial Planning Grant

The Crisis Response Business Financial Planning Grant - Enterprise Ireland is a strategic intervention to assist companies to prepare a detailed financial plan and to assess the impact of currently emerging developments on their business.

Restructuring options

If however your business needs to be restructured, the government has introduced a new rescue process which allows viable small and micro companies which are experiencing temporary financial difficulties to restructure with the agreement of creditors.

The process mirrors elements of examinership but in a simplified administrative context which reduces court involvement, making it potentially both quicker and cheaper.

This is in addition to the existing examinership and insolvency processes.