Who We Are

Workplace Regulation and Economic Migration Division

The role of the Workplace Regulation and Economic Migration Division is to promote quality employment, positive workplace relations, well-functioning dispute resolution mechanisms, a safe working environment and assists Ireland’s enterprise base to access talent from overseas, through responsive and robust economic migration policy.

In particular, the Workplace Regulation and Economic Migration Division works to ensure that:

  • employees can rely on a robust suite of employment rights policies, underpinned by statute
  • our policy, legislative and institutional framework promotes harmonious industrial and workplace relations
  • any disputes or breaches are handled efficiently and effectively
  • a skills based economic migration policy is efficiently implemented
  • our policy and legislative framework promotes a safe working environment, providing protection for all employees

Assistant Secretary: Dermot Mulligan


  • Workplace Relations Liaison
  • Employment Permits
  • Economic Migration Policy
  • Employment Rights Policy
  • Redundancy and Insolvency Policy
  • Industrial Relations
  • Safety, Health and Chemicals Policy
  • Construction Contracts Adjudication Service

Main contact points

Main Divisional contact pointTel: +353 1 631 3284

Workplace Relations

Tel: 059 9178990, 0818 80 80 90

Email: Workplace Relations Enquiry form 

Employment Permits

Tel: +353 1 4175333

Email: employmentpermits@enterprise.gov.ie 

Employment Rights Policy


Industrial Relations

Tel: +353 1 631 3318

Safety, Health and Chemicals Policy

Workplace Health and Safety

Tel: + 353 1 631 3189

Email: HealthandSafetyPolicy@enterprise.gov.ie

Chemicals Policy

Tel: + 353 1 631 3189

Email: chemicals@enterprise.gov.ie

 Construction Contracts Adjudication Service

General enquiries 

Tel: +353 1 631 2763

Email: info@enterprise.gov.ie