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Current processing dates for employment permits

Applications for employment permits are processed in date order of receipt of the fully completed application form and fee, if applicable.

Please note that due to the number of refunds on hand it is currently taking 8 weeks (from date of receipt of completed mandate) to process a refund. We apologise for this delay but the refund will be processed as soon as possible.

As of 10th July 2024, we are processing applications received on the following dates for the specific types of applications:

Critical Skills Employment Permit Applications                   Date
Standard27 May 2024
Trusted Partner28 June 2024
New Applications (All permit types excluding Critical Skills)Date
Standard 28 May 2024
Trusted Partner14 June 2024
Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit Applications   Date
Standard29 May 2024
Trusted Partner14 June 2024
Renewal Applications (All renewable permit types included)Date
Standard04 April 2024
Trusted Partner15 April 2024
Reviews for Trusted Partner and Standard permit applicationsDate
Reviews received27 June 2024

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