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Employment permits

In order to work in Ireland a non-EEA National, unless they are exempted, must hold a valid employment permit.

The department's Employment Permits Section administers the employment permits system.

Eligibility and requirements

Information for applicants on eligibility and requirements

Types of permits

Details of the nine different types of permits

Applying for a permit

The Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) allows applicants for Employment Permits and Trusted Partner Registrations to apply, make payments and submit supporting documentation online.

The step-by-step User Guide (PDF, 1.9MB) (also available in the footer information of the EPOS system) includes the documentary requirements for each application type.

The online application system for employment permits brings a number of significant benefits:

  • faster turnaround of applications
  • easier, online submission of supporting documentation
  • secure online fee payments (where applicable) by credit/debit card
  • as the system continuously validates your data and supporting documentation there will be fewer errors and rejected applications
  • intuitive user experience with help information and relevant mandatory fields

Please submit applications online to avail of these benefits. 

The department welcomes feedback on the online process. If you have any comments or issues you can email us at the dedicated email account epos@enterprise.gov.ie.

Application checklists

Use the appropriate checklist to help with your permit application:

Checklists to assist with permit applications

Application deadlines

Any employment permit application where a Labour Market Needs Test is required must have published a EURES ad for at least 28 days before a valid application can be submitted. 

An application for any employment permit must be received at least 12 weeks before the proposed employment start date.

EPOS has a cut-off deadline of 28 days from starting any application to submitting it. If an application form has not been submitted or completed within 28 days, it is deleted. This is for data protection purposes. In such instance, it is not possible to retrieve the application and the applicant must begin the application process again.

A contract of employment signed by both parties must be submitted with each application. 

Application processing dates

Check the current processing dates for applications 

Application status

Enquire about the status of your application


View the latest notices and developments

Important notice about queries: The Employment Permits Section does not have a public office and cannot facilitate personal callers to the office. Please contact the Employment Permits Call Centre if you have a query relating to the employment in Ireland of a non-EEA national.

Note on Data Protection: In submitting a completed, signed application form to this department, both the employer and the prospective employee, accept that the department may share the information contained on the application with other departments and State agencies for the sole purpose of verifying the information supplied by the applicant.