What We Do

Workplace health and safety

The department is responsible for workplace health and safety policy in Ireland and for the governance of the Health and Safety Authority.

Our Safety, Health and Chemicals Policy Unit acts as a liaison mechanism between the department and the Health and Safety Authority, while also formulating and developing policy in relation to workplace health and safety and chemicals at national, EU and international levels.

Its functions also include monitoring and supporting the activities of the HSA. This includes the negotiation of financial resources and monitoring of staff resources, disbursement of its exchequer grant and monitoring of expenditure; advising and informing the minister and management of the department on matters relating to workplace health and safety as well as interacting with the HSA and other government departments, state agencies and the European Commission on matters relating to workplace health and safety, and to provide departmental representation on relevant committees arising from such interaction where necessary.

Contact the Safety, Health and Chemicals Policy Unit:
Email HealthandSafetyPolicy@enterprise.gov.ie / chemicals@enterprise.gov.ie

Workplace health and safety in Ireland

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is the national statutory body with responsibility for ensuring that the workers of Ireland (employed and self-employed) and those affected by work activity are protected from work related injury and ill-health.

The HSA has statutory responsibility for chemicals and accreditation in Ireland.

HSA Contact Centre

The HSA Contact Centre is a helpdesk resource for employers, employees and members of the public. It is the primary point of contact for a range of topics including:

  • reporting workplace accidents, fatalities and serious incidents
  • complaints relating to workplaces
  • obtaining health and safety information
  • ordering health and safety publications