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Export licences

The Trade Licensing and Control Unit is responsible for managing controls on exports of dual-use items, military items and items destined for countries to which trade sanctions apply.

Register and apply for export licences/authorisations using OELAS

OELAS is the online export licensing application system. Exporters should use OELAS to register and apply for export licences/authorisations. This includes applying for licences for a wide range of dual-use and military goods.

In order to submit an export licence application you will need to register your company on the OELAS on-line system. You can obtain access to the OELAS system by using the link below. You will need to click on the 'Registration/Login to use OELAS' tab. Once you click on this link, select 'New User' and click on the tab 'Register with Oelas'. Please complete the Exporter Profile Registration template and ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are completed and then click 'submit'. 

Login or register to use OELAS 

Upon approval of the Exporter Profile, the Licensing Unit will issue you with a PIN number via the post and a Username and Password by email. At that point you will be able to submit your export licence application online. The on-line system allows us to expedite applications. 

If there is a change to any of your details (including your email address), please do not create another account on OELAS, but instead update your existing account. If an Exporter cannot change a certain field on its Profile please contact the Trade Licensing and Control Unit at export.control@enterprise.gov.ie

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