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Outbound investment screening

The EU and its Member States already screen foreign direct investments into the EU and control the exports of dual-use technologies outside the EU. Currently, however, there is no scrutiny of investments that flow out of the EU to third countries, and there are concerns that some outbound investment may result in the leakage of sensitive technologies and knowledge to potentially hostile third countries. 

At the same time, outbound investment is an integral part of the business model of many internationally trading companies operating in Ireland as they strive to grow exports in existing markets or to enter new markets. 

In July 2023, the European Commission established an expert group on outbound investments with Member States to advance discussion on these issues. The Trade Regulation and Investment Screening Unit of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment participates in this expert group. 

A White Paper on Outbound Investments was published in January 2024 and sets out a roadmap for the Commission’s work programme, encompassing:

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