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Minister Calleary to attend AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park

The Minister for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation, Dara Calleary TD, will today join digital ministers from around the world at the AI Safety Summit 2023 in Bletchley Park. 

The Summit is being hosted by the UK Government and will bring together a number of key countries, as well as leading technology organisations, academia and civil society to discuss national and international policy on AI development. 

Speaking ahead of the meeting, the Minister said: 

“The rapid advancement and proliferation of AI over the past number of months has rightly put a focus on how AI is developed and deployed. I look forward to engaging with digital Ministers and key stakeholders from around the world to discuss national and international approaches to AI policy. 

“As the work on the EU AI Act progresses, the Summit will be a useful opportunity to exchange views with governments as well as the private sector, academics and civil society groups on the approach to these technologies in different parts of the world, and to discuss where further international collaboration is needed to build on our ongoing engagements.

“Ireland is committed to the use and promotion of responsible AI for the good of society and the economy, as stated in our National AI Strategy published over two years ago. We have made huge strides in putting the foundations in place under the Strategy, and work continues to ensure that we remain at the forefront of future change and innovation. I firmly believe in the opportunities that AI technologies present for our collective and global benefit, if we develop and deploy them in a way that is ethical and person-centred.” 


Notes to Editors 

AI Strategy 

The Minister for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation Dara Calleary published progress report on the implementation of the National AI Strategy: AI – Here for Good on 9 August 2023. A number of key achievements have been delivered so far including:

  1. appointing Ireland’s AI Ambassador, Dr Patricia Scanlon, and the completion of her first year in the role
  2. establishing an Enterprise Digital Advisory Forum, focussing on industry adoption of AI and other digital technologies
  3. establishing an AI Innovation Hub (CeADAR) to provide services such as specialist training and project feasibility work in particular to SMEs
  4. completing the Expert Group on Future Skills report on AI Skills
  5. delivering the National Youth Assembly on AI in October 2022
  6. joining the Global Partnership on AI, a multi-stakeholder initiative originating in the OECD
  7. publication of the NSAI’s AI Standards and Assurance Roadmap 

AI Ambassador 

Dr Patricia Scanlon was appointed Ireland’s first AI Ambassador in May 2022. The role was established under Strand 1 of the National AI Strategy: AI - Here for Good, the objective of which is to develop, build and facilitate strong public trust in AI as a force for societal good. The role of the AI Ambassador includes leading a national conversation on the role of AI in our lives, emphasising Ireland’s commitment to an ethical approach to the use of the technology and in particular its adoption by enterprise.

Dr Scanlon has participated in a large number of engagements with media, young people, businesses and other stakeholders to demystify AI and champion its potential as a positive force. Dr Scanlon will continue in the role for a second and final year until May 2024.

European Digital Innovation Hubs - CeADAR 

As part of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission, together with EU Member States, are establishing a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) to support businesses and organisations in their digital transformation and to disseminate the latest advances in digital technologies, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC).

As well as research/testing facilities, EDIHs will also provide other innovation services, such as financing advice, and the training and skills development necessary for a successful digital transformation. Ireland’s European Digital innovation hub for AI, CeADAR, based in UCD is up and running and operational. 

National Digital Strategy

The Government is committed to driving our digital agenda and will continue to be a digital leader at the heart of Europe, and globally. Harnessing Digital, the National Digital Strategy sets out a roadmap to drive the digital transition across the economy and society.