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Comments from Minister Neale Richmond following meeting of the Retail Forum

The Minister with special responsibility for Employment Affairs and Retail Business, Neale Richmond TD, chaired a meeting of the Retail Forum this afternoon.

Speaking after the meeting, the Minister said:

“I had an open and frank conversation with the members of the Retail Forum where we discussed the factors driving inflation for grocery goods which is higher than the general rate of inflation.

“It is quite clear that many families and workers are struggling with increased costs at the supermarket checkout. We have seen cuts to the price of butter, milk and bread prices in recent days; these are to be welcomed.

“I am pleased to say that I received assurances from retailers that, where reductions in input costs filter through to products, consumers will benefit from this.

“Increased costs go beyond food; I raised particular concerns about the cost of essential staple items and there was broad agreement on the need for these items to remain competitive.   

“I would like to thank the members for attending today at short notice and for their constructive approach and look forward to continuing our engagement over coming months. The Forum will meet again collectively to review this issue at the end of June.”