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Minister Richmond attends Space Competitiveness Council

Neale Richmond TD, Minister for Business, Employment and Retail will join his fellow EU Ministers with responsibility for space at today’s meeting of the EU Competitiveness (Space) Council in Brussels.

Ahead of the meetings, Minister Richmond said:

 “Having just successfully launched our first satellite, EIRSAT-1, this is a really exciting time for the Irish space industry. Ireland is committed to continued investment in space, with a €26 million investment in the European Space Agency for 2024.

“I look forward to discussing the future of EU space policy with my counterparts today in Brussels. Space technology reaches every corner of our lives, from accessibility to transport, agriculture to sustainability. The EU Space programme is becoming more and more important to our everyday lives and so the security and resilience of our space programme must be a priority in such a fast-changing environment.

 “Ireland is committed to the peaceful use of space, and we will continue to invest in space to ensure that Irish SMEs continue to thrive in this area. In 2022, 97 Irish companies secured contracts with the European Space Agency, up from 60 in 2017 and with massive commercial opportunities in this area, I am sure many more companies will benefit.”