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Global healthcare leaders look to Ireland to co-develop future healthcare solutions

Ireland’s medtech industry showcased to global healthcare leaders at Enterprise Ireland’s Med in Ireland International Conference and Business Match Event – over 500 one-to-one meetings scheduled

Leading New York-based healthcare provider Northwell Health announces new strategic agreement with Enterprise Ireland

Senior leaders from the global healthcare industry will be participating in Enterprise Ireland’s Med in Ireland conference (3-4 November) - Ireland’s largest medical technologies event. Attracting over 500 national and international delegates the conference and business match event will showcase Ireland’s medtech industry and will support the business development of the industry, connecting Irish medtech innovators with international healthcare providers.

Under the theme ‘Medtech’s Big Moment’, the event will focus on some of the major industry shifts, shaping the post-pandemic healthcare world; including the move to preventative care, the role of digitalisation in the shift to healthcare outside of hospital settings, the emergence of technologies that reduce environmental impact and improve competitiveness, and the development of new distribution and inventory management models to address supply chain weaknesses.

At the event, leading United States healthcare provider Northwell Health announced a new strategic agreement with Enterprise Ireland. Northwell Health is one of the largest healthcare providers on the east coast, comprising of 23 hospitals, 77,000 employees and more than 16,000 affiliated physicians, providing healthcare to over two million people. The new strategic relationship builds on an earlier agreement with Enterprise Ireland which saw Northwell Health engage with Irish medtech companies and provide access to clinicians and key decision-makers across their extensive healthcare network, develop and commercialise new medical technologies, and collaborate in joint ventures.

Officially launching the Med in Ireland conference and business development event, Minister for Trade Promotion, Robert Troy, said:

“Med in Ireland is a hugely important event for international healthcare providers and manufactures to engage with Ireland’s medtech industry. The sector is hugely important for the Irish economy, employing 45,000 people. It is also making a major contribution to international healthcare, responding to COVID-19 but also to the transformation of healthcare. Years of both Government and industry investment has fuelled the resilient response to the pandemic and created a concentrated community of innovation and expertise within Ireland that is breaking new ground in healthcare.”

“I welcome the announcement today between Northwell Health and Enterprise Ireland which will facilitate further integration and opportunities to bring Irish medtech innovation to the US market.”

Addressing the conference, Stephen Creaner, Enterprise Ireland Executive Director said:

“The challenges that healthcare globally faces, now more than ever, needs innovation and integration. Ireland has proven to be a reliable partner for innovation and across the world Irish medtech companies are partnering with global manufacturing companies and healthcare providers to deliver the next ground-breaking innovative products and services to improve patient experiences and outcomes. Enterprise Ireland puts a strong focus on driving this innovation agenda in the medtech industry and facilitating successful partnerships between indigenous Irish companies and influential global healthcare systems and medtech manufacturers.”

“Enterprise Ireland is delighted to secure a new strategic relationship with Northwell Health. It further validates what Ireland has to offer in healthcare provision and medical technology worldwide and presents significant opportunities for innovative Irish companies to commercialise and co-develop new innovations and enter the US market.”

Elaine Brennan, Executive Director of Global Strategic Partnerships at Northwell Health said:

“Through our agreement with Enterprise Ireland, we are able to pursue relationships with innovative companies whose technologies bring benefits to our patients while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our care delivery. With these collaborations we hope to commercialize medical technologies to benefit patients around the globe. The strategic alliance with Enterprise Ireland is one of many overseas relationships in which Northwell is engaging as it takes a global view to identifying the most innovative solutions and partnerships.”

Over 500 one-to-one meetings are planned to take place between Irish medtech innovators and representatives from the global healthcare industry over the next two days to drive business development and co-development opportunities to bring new Irish medtech products and services to market to benefit and improve patient outcomes all over the world.