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Labour Court to hold an inquiry into an application to establish an Early Years Service Joint Labour Committee

Following receipt of an application from Damien English TD, the Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, to the Labour Court for the establishment of a Joint Labour Committee (JLC) for the Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Sector, the Court hereby gives notice of its proposal to hold an inquiry into the application at 11.30 am on Friday,  28 May 2021.

The inquiry will consider objections to a Draft Order for the Establishment of a JLC for the sector which is published today. A copy of the Draft Order is available from the Court on request and/or can be downloaded from the Court’s website at draft-establishment-order/

The procedure which commenced with the Minister’s application could result in the Labour Court making a recommendation to the Minister for the establishment of a JLC covering workers involved in Early Years Service provision, including Creches. Any such JLC would have the capacity to recommend mandatory minimum rates of pay and terms and conditions of employment for certain workers employed in the sector.

Any person wishing to make objections to the Draft Establishment Order should do so in writing, stating the grounds of objection and the omissions, additions or modifications contended for. The last day for receipt of objections is at 5.00 pmon Monday, 25 May 2021

Any such objections should be sent by post to The Secretary, The Labour Court, Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4, D04 A3A8 or by email to

The Court shall consider any objections to the draft Establishment Order at the inquiry to be held on 28 May at 11.30 am.* Objecting parties may be requested to attend at the inquiry on that date such that they may be heard by the Court.

It is the Court’s intention to publish all written objections received on its website at and parties making objection should ensure that all material submitted complies with all relevant regulatory legislation including Data Protection Legislation.


Further information contact Ms Jacqui Kelly, Registrar to the Labour Court at

* This sitting will be in a virtual courtroom. You will not be required to physically attend a venue but will be required to logon using appropriate technology to access the courtroom. All individuals attending the hearing are required to be able to access the hearing through an individual device such as a smartphone/tablet/desktop/laptop or other internet enabled device. Parties should not utilize communal devices as this causes technical difficulties and will severely impede the proceedings.