What We Do

Company Law

Company Law Enforcement

Our main role is to advise and assist the Minister in relation to carrying out the statutory responsibilities under the Companies Acts and provide a liaison service for the company law regulatory bodies.

Auditing/Accounting Policy and Enforcement Legislation

Preparation and drafting of legislation in relation to company law (auditing) and company law (accounting); the negotiation of EU proposals in these areas of company law and the transposition of EU proposals into domestic law.

Company Law Review Group Secretariat

The Company Law Review Group’s Secretariat is located in the Department. The Company Law Review Group is a statutory advisory expert body charged with advising the Minister on the review and development of company law in Ireland.

Small Companies Administrative Rescue Process

The Companies (Rescue Process for Small and Micro Companies) Act 2021 inserts a new Part 10A into the Companies Act 2014 to provide for a dedicated rescue process for small and micro companies, the “Small Companies Administrative Rescue Process”.