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Import licensing guidelines and procedures

Import licence for textiles

When applying for an import licence for textiles that are subject to quantitative restrictions (quota) the application form must be accompanied by:

  • Proof of the existence of a contract relating to the provision of the goods: and
  • A declaration that in respect of the categories and countries concerned
    • The operator has not already been allocated  an authorisation: or
    • The operator has been allocated an authorisation but has used up at least 50% of it. 

These applications must be submitted by Licensing Unit to the European Commission for approval. If this is forthcoming, the Licensing Unit issues a licence to the company concerned. 

For further information on quotas per operator, please refer to the Regulation.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2106

For further information on overall EU textile quotas please refer to the European Commission SIGL website:


Outward processing trade for textiles

In certain circumstances a trader may operate the outward processing scheme for textiles. Under this scheme, textiles may be exported to a country for processing. After the processing has taken place on the goods they may be imported back into the EU without being subject to any import licensing requirement.

In order to apply for outward processing for textiles quota, a company must be a manufacturer within the EU and must have Community production of the items covered by the OPT in the previous calendar year. The amount applied for cannot exceed 50% of this total.

Applications must be submitted on a prescribed form to the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Customs Economic Procedures Unit, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary (Tel. No. 067-33533/Fax No. 067-32373) and be accompanied by copy of a contract. The application must contain details of Community production in the previous calendar year for products covered by outward processing arrangements for textiles. That Office forwards the application to the Licensing Unit.

On receipt of the application form from Revenue the Licensing Unit checks if sufficient quota is available by transmitting details of the application to the EU Commission for approval.

For further information on overall EU textile quotas please refer to the European Commission SIGL website:



Applications should be made in the form established in Annex II of the Regulation. Applications for quota authorisations must be accompanied by:

  • an affidavit containing the information provided in Article 10(3) of the Regulation
  • contract or pre-contract for the covered goods concerned between the importer and the exporter for an amount of goods which corresponds to the amount requested in the application for a quota authorisation

The granting of a quota licence will be subject to the requirement that the corresponding products undergo processing within the EU.

Not later than 15 calendar days after the end of each third month importers must inform the Licensing Office of their actual imports of covered products during the previous 3 months. The importer must provide a copy of the customs declaration of the imports concerned.

Information on the overall EU quota per year for pine and spruce is available on the European Commission’s SIGL website: