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Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan

The Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024 includes projects and initiatives across the three Mid-East counties of Kildare, Meath and Wicklow.

Stakeholder consultation sessions attracted over 50 attendees from across industry, the public sector and higher education sectors from within the region. The committee has been particularly mindful of focusing their energy and resources on developing projects in sectors that will make the greatest immediate impact to the region. 

The five strategic objectives

1. Position the Mid-East as the primary location for the development of the agri food hubs.

The ambition is to further develop the industry through the construction of three interconnected food hubs across the region. This will further support the development of an ecosystem framework that joins leading-edge companies and entrepreneurs leveraging cooperation with each other and uniting with public sector drivers for food, innovation, regional development and education at national and regional level.

2. Develop the Mid-East as a hub for the screen content creation sector.

This objective will provide specialised, customised and sector-specific business supports that drive start-ups, growth and internationalisation of Irish content creation businesses at a custom-built Content Creation Enterprise Hub at Wicklow County Campus. It will support the positioning of Ireland’s East Coast region as a leader in content creation and production by facilitating content creation entrepreneurs to identify and exploit new businesses models for the creation and commercialisation of content.

3. Enable the development and expansion of equine businesses across the Mid-East.

This objective will see the establishment of the National Equine Innovation Centre on the Irish National Stud with a key focus on supporting a growing equine business community across the region. The centre will offer a single access source of equine technical and entrepreneurial innovation for the industry.

4. Ensure that the Mid-East Region accelerates the transition to a low carbon economy.

In line with the key objectives of Ireland’s National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 to mobilise clusters regionally and sectorally to become centres of excellence for the adoption of low carbon technologies, the Mid-East will support projects and initiatives associated with Just Transition, offshore wind energy and the circular economy to meet the key targets.

5. Support the continued development of a positive enterprise ecosystem in the Mid-East.

This objective will ensure that the region is well placed to deliver supports that allow companies to become even more innovative and resilient. There will also be a focus on providing greater connectivity across the expanding network of co-working and innovation hubs in the region and a regional hub strategy that informs future investment. 


Chair of the Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan: Owen Brennan, Chair, Devenish Group


Programme Manager of the Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan: Vacant 

Plan and progress reports

Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024 and progress reports