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Enterprise Ireland is the state agency responsible for supporting the development of manufacturing and internationally traded services companies.

Funding supports 

Enterprise Ireland provide funding and supports for companies - from entrepreneurs with business propositions for a high potential start-up through to large companies expanding their activities, improving efficiency and growing international sales. Enterprise Ireland also provide funding and supports for college based researchers to assist in the development, protection and transfer of technologies into industry via licensing or spin-out companies. 

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High Potential Start-Up (HPSU)

Enterprise Ireland supports High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) companies. HPSUs are start-up businesses with the potential to develop an innovative product or service for sale on international markets and the potential to create 10 jobs and €1 million in sales within 3 years of starting up.

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Exporting companies

Enterprise Ireland supports companies focused on growth through international sales to scale and expand their reach.

Success in export markets is crucial to the long-term growth of Irish businesses and the Irish economy. Support for companies focused on growth through international sales is a priority for Enterprise Ireland. The agency is committed to facilitating the development of a strong exporting sector by offering flexible solutions to client needs.

Information on supports to start, scale and grow internationally:

Market Research Centre

Market Access

Strategic Marketing Review

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