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Intellectual property reports and regulatory impact analysis

Intellectual Property Reports and Regulatory Impact Analysis relating to Intellectual Property.


Ireland’s National IP Protocol 2019 - A Framework for Successful Research Commercialisation

March 2019  

The national IP Protocol 2019 is a revision of the last Protocol issued in 2016. It provides a framework for the way in which companies and research performing organisations can work together and how companies can benefit from access to new ideas, technology and inventions (intellectual property or “IP”).

Enhancing the Intellectual Property Activities in the Firm Base in Ireland

June 2015  

The Action Plan for Jobs 2015 highlighted that management of intellectual property assets will be a valuable source of enterprise growth into the future and that there is opportunity for firms in Ireland to strengthen their performance in this area. As part of the Action Plan, the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) committed to bring forward a set of recommendations as to how Ireland might support the enhancement of the IP activity in the firm base in Ireland.

An Enhanced European Patent System

December 2014  

Publication prepared by the Select Committee and Preparatory Committee.

In February 2013, 25 EU Member States signed the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPC). This committed the contracting Member States to establishing a Court common to them with exclusive jurisdiction for future European patents with unitary effect (Unitary Patent Protection, UPP) as well as for European patents validated in one or several of the contracting states. 

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Updated Regulatory Impact Analysis – EU Trade Marks Directive 2015/2436

June 2018

The purpose of this updated Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) is to consider the impact of transposing Directive 2015/2436/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council to approximate the laws of the Member States relating to trade marks into national law.