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Ireland joins EU Agorateka Initiative

Agorateka (derived from the Greek words Agora which refers to a market place while Tèka refers to a library) is an initiative of the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) to promote legal sourcing of various copyrighted content.

Visitors to the Agorateka website select their own country and are re-directed to portals that provide links to all legally operated sites where music, film and television, e-books, video games, and sports events may be streamed or downloaded. These sites have the approval of the relevant rights owners representative bodies.

Currently when Ireland is selected, 14 portals appear of which most are the catch up services of TV networks or companies providing multi channel packages in Ireland. Unlike the BBC and ITV Networks, Channel 4’s catch up service, All4, currently remains available to Irish viewers.

Justwatch Ireland is an aggregator website which features various platforms offering downloading and subscription services for TV series, movies and so on. It displays a list of the various platforms from which the TV series series and movies can be sourced, for example, Sky Go, Now TV, Netflix, Amazon, with images of popular programmes and movies being its main feature. The top of the page also features filters such as release year, genre, price and age rating to allow the user to narrow their search. When a TV series or movie is selected, the user will then have the choice to download it in SD, HD or 4K format depending on what the listed provider offers.

Similarly, Pro Music Ireland features platforms offering mainly musical content. It allows users to select legal sites, for example, Golden Discs, iTunes, Spotify and so on which offer downloading, subscription or advertising supported services (some of these may also offer other content such as e-books, video games).

SROC (Sports Rights Organisations Coalition) allows a user to select 9 different sports or events and, upon clicking on their own country, a list appears showing the different competitions or leagues and the TV networks on which they are broadcast.

Other portals with different material may be added when agreement has been reached with the relevant rightsowners representative bodies.