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Point of Single Contact

The Irish Point of Single Contact (PSC) brings together information on procedures and services to those intending to establish a business in Ireland.

The Irish Point of Single Contact

The main role of the Point of Single Contact (PSC) is to provide general information on the procedures required for Irish/EU Businesses who intend operating in Ireland (for example, procedures required for working as an Architect in Ireland).

The Irish PSC was set up in January 2010 as a bespoke web portal in accordance with a provision of the Services Directive (2006/123/EC). The PSC is administered and operated by the Single Market Unit.

The PSC provides the following key information for business:

  • Information on procedures and formalities needed to access service activities.
  • Information on first registering a business.
  • Contact details for all Government Departments, State Agencies and competent authorities.
  • A comprehensive list of licences/permits required by the various Government Departments and competent authorities.

EUGO network

The PSC is part of the EUGO network for the Points of Single Contact established in all Member States to assist businesses to provide services in the Member States.

Irish businesses can use the EUGO Network as a key information resource when operating in the Single Market (for example, if intending doing business in France - contact the French Point of Single Contact for information on the relevant procedures required).

The performance of the PSC is measured annually in the Single Market Scoreboard.