What We Do

EU Directives

We monitor and report on the transposition of EU Directives that fall within the responsibility of this department.

The European Commission’s Single Market Scoreboard which is published twice yearly aims to give an overview of the practical management of the Single Market. It gives a performance overview for all Member States in relation to transpositions and results that have been achieved.

Further details of European Directives currently being transposed by this Department as well as Codified Directives awaiting transposition is set out on the EU Directives Transposition Table. Codification brings together previous legislation in a single new act. There are no timelines required for the transposition of codified Directives. 

If you require information on a particular Directive, please contact the relevant unit directly.

Information on directives transposed between 2012 and 2021 is available on the Directive Transposition Table 2012-2021.