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Important Notice for Critical Skills and Green Card Employment Permit holders

This note sets out revised immigration registration arrangements for holders of a Critical Skills Employment Permit or a Green Card Employment Permit and associated immigration registration cards (GNIB/IRP cards) with effect from 1 April 2015.

Such persons will continue to be eligible to apply for Stamp 4 immigration permission having completed 2 years employment in the State in accordance with the new procedure outlined below.

Confirmation of employment by Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Such holders must in the first instance submit the Request for Support Letter form to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. This form should be submitted to EPStamp4@enterprise.gov.ie

Foreign Nationals are eligible to apply for their Support Letters from this Department only when they have completed 21 months continuous employment in the State on foot of their Critical Skills Employment Permit and not more than 12 weeks before the expiry of their permit. 

The form must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Confirmation of current employment
    • A letter from their employer, dated within the last 3 months confirming the Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit holder’s employment with that employer and his or her job title.
  • Confirmation of remuneration paid
    • Copies of 3 recent payslips issued to the holder of the Employment Permit dated within the last 4 months, and
    • Copies of P60s/Employment Detail Summaries issued to the holder of the Employment Permit for each year of employment covering the duration of the Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit, and
    • Documentary evidence of payments in respect of Health Insurance, if applicable.

If the documentation confirms that the Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit holder has worked for the term of their existing Employment Permit and has complied with the terms and conditions described therein, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment will issue a letter to the Employment Permit holder. This letter can then be provided in support of the Employment Permit holders request for a Stamp 4.

This requirement does not extend to holders of Stamp 4 permission who previously held a Green Card/Critical Skills Employment Permit. The letter of confirmation from this Department is only required for the initial transition from employment permit to Stamp 4 permission.

Registration with Garda National Immigration Bureau

When the Employment Permit holder has received the appropriate letter from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, they may present themselves to the Garda National Immigration Bureau for registration renewal. If the Employment Permit holder resides in the Dublin area, they should present themselves at the Garda National Immigration Bureau, Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. Persons who reside outside the Dublin area should report to their local Garda Registration office in the relevant Garda District in which they reside.  

The following documents should be brought to registration (all documents should be originals):

  • Your current valid passport. If you have renewed your passport since your arrival in the State, you will also need to bring your expired passport with you.
  • Your Garda Certificate of Registration (GNIB/IRP Card).
  • Your existing valid Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit.
  • Letter from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment confirming your ongoing employment.


Persons must have complied with their previous Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit and immigration conditions and be of good character.  Stamp 4 may be granted but it should be noted that the Garda National Immigration Bureau is entitled to refuse registration where there is a valid ground for doing so, for example, the person has come to the adverse attention An Garda Síochána or there is evidence that the person lived outside the State for most or all of the previous period of immigration permission, and so on.

The Immigration permission granted by the Garda National Immigration Bureau will be for 2 years, which is then renewable subject to the persons concerned meeting all relevant criteria as stated on the website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service at inis.gov.ie. On achieving 60 months residency permission, Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit holders will then be permitted to make an application for long term residence.

In the event that Critical Skills/Green Card Employment Permit holder is not eligible for a Stamp 4 and is issued with a Stamp 1, they will continue to require an employment permit in order to work in the State.


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