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National Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs

The four European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are now operational in Ireland as part of the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme to shape digital transformation over the 2021-2027 programming period.

The programme is aimed at:

  • deploying new technologies and cybersecurity solutions
  • creating more high-performance computers
  • increasing advanced digital skills
  • assuring the widespread adoption of eGovernment tools by public administrations to improve public services 

The network of EDIHs in Ireland are supporting digital transformation in SMEs and public sector organisations by encouraging the adoption of the latest advances in the three key technologies of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. 

The four EDIHs are serving as 'one-stop shops' with research performing organisation at the core, providing access to technical expertise and experimentation, as well as innovation services, and the training and skills development necessary for successful digital transformation. 

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, through Enterprise Ireland, is leading on the EDIH programme for Ireland.  

The four Irish EDIHs are:

  • CeADAR led by Ireland’s Enterprise Ireland/IDA Technology Centre in Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence based in UCD, aims to focus on supporting AI transformation in SMEs and public service organisations

  • Data2Sustain led by Atlantic Technological University Sligo, aims to increase the transformation capacity of SMEs in the Northern and Western Region with a focus on circular economy, operations and sustainability areas

  • ENTIRE led by Tyndall National Institute Cork, will help SMEs and start-ups to become more competitive in their business/production processes using digital technologies such as IoT and sensors

  • FactoryxChange led by the Enterprise Ireland funded Irish Manufacturing Research in Mullingar, will focus on accelerating factories to become ‘Factories of the Future’ embracing the ecological, digital and societal challenges

The European Commission posts regular updates on the progress of the EDIH network across Europe on their dedicated website European Digital Innovation Hubs Network (europa.eu).  

For further information, visit European Digital Innovation Hubs - Enterprise Ireland.