SME and Entrepreneurship Taskforce 2022: Priority Actions Progress Report

The Taskforce's National SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan was published in January 2021 and an Implementation Group was established in February 2021 to address the recommendations and work with relevant government departments and agencies to deliver the reforms. The Implementation Group agreed 10 priority areas where significant progress could be made in the short term.

In December 2021, government noted an update on the Taskforce, the resulting Growth Plan, the establishment of the Implementation Group, work completed during 2021 and the work agenda for delivery in 2022. 

In December 2022, government noted the significant progress made on the 10 priorities, the intention to continue the work of the Taskforce into 2023 and the intention to publish a progress report on the priority areas. This progress report is attached below.

Topics: Supports for SMEs, Entrepreneurship, The Business Environment