Shannon Estuary Economic Taskforce Report: Second Implementation Update

This second implementation update for the Shannon Estuary Economic Taskforce Report details progress made on implementing the Taskforce’s recommendations since the last update in December 2023.

The independent Shannon Estuary Economic Taskforce was established in response to a Programme for Government commitment to support the region in devising an economic development plan based on the Shannon Estuary’s comparative strategic advantages. The final report of the independent Taskforce included recommendations relating to offshore wind energy, onshore renewable energy, security of energy supply and cost, transport, logistics and connectivity, and tourism.

This implementation update outlines that, of the 89 recommended actions contained in the Taskforce’s Report, 21 are completed, 40 are in progress, either as recommended by the Taskforce, or through alternative means which will achieve a similar outcome, 13 are under consideration, and 15 will not be progressed as recommended by the Taskforce. In particular, the implementation report highlights further progress on developing national policy relating to offshore wind since the first implementation update was published in December 2023.

The implementation report includes detailed updates on the recommended actions and is available below.

Topics: The Business Environment, Offshore Wind Energy, Regional Enterprise Plans