Report of the SME Taskforce: National SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan

The 'Report of the SME Growth Taskforce: SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan' results from the commitment in the 'Programme for Government – Our Shared Future' to draw up an ambitious long-term strategic blueprint for SMEs and entrepreneurs beyond COVID-19. It has been developed by an SME Growth Taskforce of entrepreneurs, business leaders and other individuals uniquely positioned to contribute to a long-term vision for the SME sector.

The Taskforce’s Growth Plan sets out a wide range of recommendations with long-term strategic relevance for SME and entrepreneurs, including measures to assist companies to start up, scale up, enhance their digital capabilities, and increase export activity. These recommendations will be reviewed and taken forward, as appropriate, by an SME and Entrepreneurship Implementation Group in early 2021.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, The Business Environment