Recent developments in entrepreneurship training: Implications for inclusive entrepreneurship in Ireland (OECD Report)

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment commissioned the OECD to undertake this report to assess inclusive entrepreneurship training in Ireland and provide recommendations, based on international best practice, on how to improve the provision of training interventions to improve their accessibility and impact.


The 2019 OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Ireland study and the 2021 National SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan concluded that there was only a modest offering of dedicated inclusive entrepreneurship policies and programmes aimed at specific social groups and their distinct needs and delivery preferences.

These dedicated supports tend to focus on women and, to a lesser extent, youth and the unemployed. While there are also initiatives for people with disabilities, travellers, migrants, seniors and ex-offenders, the quality and availability is uneven across the country and the needs of some groups may not be met.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, The Business Environment, Skills for Enterprise