Progress Report on implementation of the National AI Strategy: AI - Here for Good

Progress report on the implementation of the National AI Strategy: AI - Here for Good listing the actions taken under each strand.

AI is a key component of the broader suite of digital technologies that will play a major role in shaping global competitiveness and productivity in the coming decades, granting early adopters significant social, economic and strategic advantages. 

The National AI Strategy: AI - Here for Good, was launched in July 2021 and sets out the means by which Ireland can be an international leader in the use of artificial intelligence to benefit our economy and society. 

The strategy is founded on three core principles: adopting a human-centric approach to the application of AI; staying open and adaptable to new innovations; and ensuring good governance to build trust and confidence for innovation to flourish. It sets out a whole-of-Government approach to ensuring that the necessary enablers are in place to support AI adoption in enterprise and public services. These enablers include a supportive innovation ecosystem, a secure data and connectivity infrastructure, and polices to ensure that our workforce is prepared for the impact of AI. 

This report on the implementation of the strategy to date lists the actions taken to date under each strand. Given the significant changes since this strategy was launched two years ago, there are some additional actions already under way and others being planned for the coming months. The final section of this report outlines these 'next steps' being taken by Ireland as we look toward the rapid pace of development in AI.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence