Ireland's National Submission to the EU White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

The Department has prepared a National Submission to the EU White Paper on Artificial Intelligence based on an extensive cross-Government consultation.

The submission, representing the response of the Irish authorities, outlines that the issues raised by the White Paper are of high relevance to Europe’s economy and society at this time and Ireland welcomes the opportunity to comment on them.

Artificial Intelligence is of particular importance to Ireland, Europe and indeed globally, both in providing opportunities to drive productivity but also in benefitting society through the applications based upon it. Ireland agrees that the two issues raised in the White Paper are of critical importance for consideration. These issues are how to encourage the adoption of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence through the ecosystem of excellence described in the paper, enabled by the EU Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence, and the need to consider regulation in order to address perceived risks that Artificial Intelligence may represent through the ecosystem of trust. Indeed, these ecosystems are mutually interdependent not least because trust in Artificial Intelligence is an essential condition for its adoption and use.

We are generally supportive of the proposals relevant to the ecosystem of excellence. Responses concerning the ecosystem of trust are less positive, pointing out issues with the scope and proposed approach in consideration of legal regulation of Artificial Intelligence. Following analysis of the responses to the public consultation, the Commission, together with the Member States, will carry out a review of the EU Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence by the end of this year and come forward with any proposals for regulation by the end of Q1 in 2021.

Published by Enterprise Strategy, Competitiveness and Evaluation

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Single Market, The Business Environment