Ireland’s National Strategic Roadmap for the EU Digital Decade Policy Programme

The Digital Decade Policy Programme is a comprehensive EU-wide framework to guide EU-level and Member State policies on digital in line with European values of fairness, equality, freedom, and protection, as set out in the European Declaration on Rights and Principles. 

The Digital Decade sets out targets for 2030 across four points of the digital compass: digital skills, digital infrastructure, digitalisation of business and digital government. Ireland’s National Digital Strategy, Harnessing Digital, is closely aligned with the Digital Decade framework. 

Since 2014, the European Commission publishes the Digital Enterprise and Society Index (DESI) every year, measuring MS progress on digitisation. In 2023, the DESI has been aligned with the Digital Decade goals. 

The first Report on the State of the Digital Decade was published by the European Commission on 27 September 2023. The report, which includes EU wide and Member State-specific recommendations, takes stock of progress towards a successful digital transformation. 

In response, Ireland submitted its first National Roadmap on the EU Digital Decade to the European Commission in November 2023.

Topics: The Business Environment