Enhancing the Intellectual Property Activities in the Firm Base in Ireland

The Action Plan for Jobs 2015 highlighted that management of intellectual property assets will be a valuable source of enterprise growth into the future and that there is opportunity for firms in Ireland to strengthen their performance in this area. As part of the Action Plan, the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) committed to bring forward a set of recommendations as to how Ireland might support the enhancement of the IP activity in the firm base in Ireland.

An Advisory Group, which was chaired by DJEI, provided guidance for the work undertaken.

CambridgeIP were commissioned initially by DJEI/Forfás to complete a quantitative data analysis of registered intellectual property in Ireland and the associated report, ‘Analysis of Intellectual Property Activity in Ireland Based on Existing Data’, is provided here.

The Technopolis Group was subsequently commissioned by the Strategic Policy Division of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to build on the quantitative data study. The purpose of this work was to assist in developing an understanding of the intellectual property activity, intellectual property strategies, and barriers to engaging in intellectual property, for firms in Ireland.  

The Technopolis report, ‘Enhancing the Intellectual Property Activities in the firm base in Ireland’, sets out the key findings and recommendations from the research that was undertaken. 

These reports feed into the development of a new national Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation.

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