Dublin Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024

The Dublin Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024 was launched by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment in TU Dublin within the Dublin Enterprise Zone on 1 April 2022.

The new Plan includes projects and initiatives across the four Dublin local authorities (Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin). Stakeholder consultation sessions attracted attendees from across industry, public sector and higher education sectors from within the region. The sessions highlighted the high-level of collaboration and ambition that exists within the region, with a strong sense of optimism to strengthen resilience amongst Dublin’s SMEs to engage economic activity to bring vibrant growth and development over the next three years. 

The Dublin REP is unique, as it plays a pivotal role in Ireland’s economic growth, this will promote adaptive place-making both domestically and internationally.  Also, it will focus on delivering low-carbon transition; digital transformation, inclusivity to marginalised and disadvantaged communities and cultivate skills and talent to all, to leverage future economic need and growth which is aligned to government priorities and policy.  

Six key strategic objectives were agreed, with discrete actions developed for each are as follows:

The six strategic objectives


Strengthen resilience and the potential for scaling amongst Dublin’s SME’s and start-Ups

This objective includes actions to develop and grow enterprise hubs for community, social and economic development.  To scale-up ecosystems, cultivate SME’s on procurement and grow opportunities to SME’s in the region to a SMART Connected Technologies Cluster.


Promote context specific, attractive and adaptive place-making for an evolving world of work & diverse lifestyles, enabling resilience, business recovery and new opportunities for Dublin

This objective is the promotion of the Dublin Brand for adaptive place-making both domestically and internationally in the context of living, working, investing, studying and visiting the Dublin region. This allows the Dublin region lead in digital transformation.

This action acknowledges the creation of vibrant areas, accessible across all societal needs, ages and abilities with excellent connectivity.


Facilitate every individual to realise their full potential through engagement in economic activity

This objective is centred around inclusivity with initiatives that are targeted at marginalised and disadvantaged communities to support their pathway to employment or self-employment.


Enable and position business as leaders in Dublin’s low-carbon transition

This objective aims to support the activities of the Dublin region to develop transformative projects to guide emerging ‘low-carbon economy’ focused research and projects aligned to climate challenges we face, establish a circular hotspot and learn from other cities.


Ensure the availability of skills and talent to realise Dublin’s future economic potential

This objective includes leading the way for educational providers to deliver training supports, growth paths for skills and talent to reach the Dublin region’s full potential, ensuring the right skills are available for job opportunities, talent and innovation. 


Strengthen Dublin’s ecosystem

This objective will allow the collaboration of state agencies, academia, private sector to position Dublin as a Tier 1 capital city through innovative initiatives for sustainable and competitiveness.

Susan Spence, Co-Founder, SoftCo chairs the new plan for the Dublin region, with support from program manager Caroline Power.

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