AI Ambassador: Report on first year of activity

This report summarises the activity of Ireland’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ambassador during her first year in the role.

Dr Patricia Scanlon was appointed Ireland’s first AI Ambassador, following an open call for expressions of interest. The role was established under Strand 1 of the National AI Strategy: AI - Here for Good, the objective of which is to develop, build and facilitate strong public trust in AI as a force for societal good. The role of the AI Ambassador includes leading a national conversation on the role of AI in our lives, emphasising Ireland’s commitment to an ethical approach to the use of the technology and in particular its adoption by enterprise.

The AI Ambassador is a member of the Enterprise Digital Advisory Forum, established under Strand 3 of the AI strategy. In her first year in the role, Dr Scanlon has participated in a large number of engagements with media, young people, businesses and other stakeholders to demystify AI and champion its potential as a positive force. Dr Scanlon will continue in the role for a second and final year until May 2024.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence