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China Construction Bank to base Aircraft Leasing Division in Ireland, Signs $500m deal

CCB Leasing International (CCBLI) today announced the establishment of its international headquarters in Ireland.

CCBLI is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank (CCB), one of the world’s largest companies. 

CCBLI plans to grow its aircraft leasing business from 17 to 200 aircraft over the next five years. 

 “Ireland is an ideal launch pad for European, African and American markets and we aim to expand into shipping and other leasing activities from our Irish base in the future,” said Mr Hongzhang Wang, Chairman of China Construction Bank at the opening ceremony. “CCBLI’s  international  expansion  of  its  aircraft  leasing  division  is  integral  to  the development of our transport portfolio and will assist in establishing CCBLI as a world eader in leasing business.” In a bilateral meeting with Minister for Business and Employment Ged Nash following the ceremony, Mr. Wang and senior CCB officials discussed CCBLI’s performance strategy nd outlined their growth plan for Ireland. 

Minister  Nash  said,  “I  am  very  pleased  on  behalf  of  the  Government  to  officiallywelcome the establishment of CCBLI’s international headquarters in Ireland.  Aircraft Leasing is an industry we have deliberately targeted as part of the Action Plan for Jobs and we now have half of the world’s commercial aircraft fleet managed out of Ireland, creating employment for 1,200 people.  With announcements like today’s from CCBLI I believe we have the opportunity to grow the industry even further.  I wish Mr Wang and his colleagues well in their ambitious plans to expand.” 

 “We thanked Minister Nash for his and his government’s expert assistance in bringing this China Construction Bank business to Ireland.   We have worked diligently on this opportunity and are happy to be here,” added Mr Wang. “The  number  of  aircraft  we  lease  out  of  Ireland  will  increase  rapidly  over  the next five years and we will examine further opportunities.”

 At  the  ceremony  in  Dublin’s  Shelbourne  Hotel  this  morning,  CCBLI  and  IDA Ireland signed an official Memorandum of Understanding.  “The Memorandum of Understanding signifies our already strong relationship with the IDA and our commitment to Ireland,” said Mr. Jingpu Gu, Chairman of CCB Financial Leasing.

This morning Mr Lei Zhang, Vice President of CCB Financial Leasing and Mr Larry Chi, Head of Corporate Banking and Securities (China) at Deutsche Bank signed an agreement to provide CCBLI a $500 million financing facility.

Martin Shanahan CEO of IDA Ireland said: “China Construction Bank is an important part of IDA’s growing portfolio of Chinese leasing companies that now includes the leasing arms of five of the top six Chinese banks. Attracting investment from Asia is an important part of IDA’s global strategy and China is a key strategic market for us.”


  • China Construction Bank  is  the fourth largest bank  in the world with €2,079 billion market value and 372,321 employees.
  • CCB’s presence in Ireland means that five out of top six banks in China have operations in Ireland.
  • CCB Leasing (International) Corporation Limited (CCBLI) was established in December 2014 by CCB International, one of CCB’s subsidiaries in Hong Kong, and managed by CCB Financial Leasing Corporation (CCBFL).
  • CCBLI started its operation in January 2015. By the end of July, CCBLI had:

- A fleet of 11 aircraft;

- Asset size of $760 million;

- 3 subsidiaries;

- Issued a bond of US$500 million.

  • By the end of the year, CCBLI will add another 6 aircraft into its fleet and plan to increase its fleet to 200 aircraft over the next five years.

Aircraft leasing in Ireland

  • 50% of the world’s commercial aircraft fleet and over €83 billion in assets are  managed  out  of  Ireland.  (PWC,  Why  Ireland:  Aviation  Asset  Leasing, 2015)
  • 14  out  of  the  top  15  global  lessor  companies  are  already  located  in Ireland. (PWC, 2015)
  • The  aircraft  leasing  industry  in  Ireland  currently  employs  more  than 1,200 people. (IDA Ireland)


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