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Minister Bruton welcomes the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation to Dublin

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation today welcomed Dr Francis Gurry, the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, to Dublin for his first official visit in the role, as the two men held a meeting at Minister Bruton’s office in Dublin.

The Minister emphasised the importance that the Government places on innovation as part of its plan to secure sustainable economic recovery for Ireland:

“At the core of the Action Plan for Jobs process is our determination to deliver a new, sustainable, jobs-rich economy based on exports, enterprise and innovation. Developing opportunities for innovative Irish companies to develop and grow is at the very centre of our plan for economic recovery.

Acknowledging the crucial role that the WIPO plays in the development and promotion of innovation globally, the Minister said: “We recognize that in order to foster a culture of innovation, a key issue is protection of strong intellectual property rights in order to reward investment in developing innovative products and services”.

The Minister said that the Director General’s visit was opportune as it coincided with the Irish Year of Design 2015 which involves a year-long calendar of events to promote and encourage design as a key component towards sustaining innovation and growing employment opportunities. “Design protection is one of the key service offerings provided by WIPO in the global intellectual property space”. 

The Minister wished Dr Gurry a productive visit in Ireland acknowledging also his claim to Irish lineage of which he is very proud. 

Responding to the Minister Dr. Gurry said:

"Innovation is a central driver of economic growth, development and better jobs. It is the key to competing successfully in the global marketplace. Intellectual property captures the value of innovation; Intellectual Property rights create a secure environment for investment in innovation and provide a legal framework for trading in intellectual assets.

“Government and enterprises in Ireland place a high premium on investment in knowledge creation, and the maintenance of a robust and balanced Intellectual Property system.” 



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About WIPO
The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is a specialised UN agency based in Geneva charged with the global development and promotion of Intellectual Property. WIPO is dedicated to the use of Intellectual Property (patents, copyright trademarks, designs etc.) to stimulate international innovation and creativity via its: (1) Services which include international IP protection and dispute resolution; (2) Legal: international legal IP framework; (3) Infrastructure: collaborative IP networks, technical platforms, free databases & information exchange; (4) Development: IP capacity building in new markets.

About Dr. Francis Gurry
Dr. Francis Gurry is an Australian lawyer who has served as Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) since October 1, 2008. He was elected for a second term in 2014.

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