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Minister English welcomes Ireland’s Accession to the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks

The Minister for Skills, Research & Innovation, Damien English T.D. was pleased to announce the deposit by the Government of Ireland on 21 December 2015 of the instrument of accession to an international Treaty on Trademarks at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). 

The Singapore Treaty adopted in 2009 has as its objective the simplification and streamlining of certain administrative procedures associated with the global filing of applications for trade mark applications. Protection of trademarks is widely based on trademark registration which also serves a vital public interest by giving notice to third parties that certain signs are protected as trademarks. In this way, entrepreneurs can monitor their marks and those of competitors which helps in deciding on new marks before introducing them in the marketplace. 

Accession to the Singapore Treaty is in keeping with Government’s ongoing efforts to reduce administrative burdens on industry. For the forty one countries that are party to the Treaty, it standardises the documentation necessary for filing trade mark applications and allows for receipt of such documentation in electronic format. It also modernises the system by allowing for the registration of non-visible signs such as sound trade marks. Minister English stated that “Accession is a signal to the international community that helping industry to avail of inclusive and streamlined procedures is key. It is, important also that Ireland affirms and encourages the development of international standards in the intellectual property area which is crucial to the growth and development of innovation”. 


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