Right to Request Remote Work Bill 2021

The Right to Request Remote Work Bill 2021 is part of the government vision to make remote working a permanent feature of Ireland’s workforce in a way that can benefit all – economically, socially and environmentally.

The term remote work refers to the broad concept of an arrangement where work is fully or partly carried out at an alternative worksite other than the default place of work. The commitment to introduce legislation to underpin employees' right to request remote work was made in the national Remote Work Strategy published in January 2021.  

The policy objectives of the legislation are essentially to provide a legal framework around which requesting, approving or refusing a request for remote work can be based. It will also provide legal clarity to employers on their obligations for dealing with such requests. 

The General Scheme has been informed by the public consultation undertaken in April 2021, with which there was significant engagement from both employer and employee representative groups, and also a review of international best practice.

Topics: Workplace and Skills, Remote Working