EU Steel Safeguard measures - notification of investigation of possible extension of measures

This relates to a Notice of Initiation of an investigation regarding the possible extension of the ongoing EU Steel Safeguard measures received.

The current Steel Safeguard measures were initiated in July 2018 on steel imports originating from third countries to manage the volume of steel entering the EU Single Market. The measures currently in place allow for the importation of steel from third countries - by way of quotas - in line with traditional volumes of trade in steel. Steel imports outside of the quotas are subject to a 25% tariff on landing in the EU. These measures were due to expire at the end of June 2021. However, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) has been made aware of the attached notification outlining an investigation of the possible extension of those measures.

The notification invites written submissions from interested parties via the EU Commission’s TRON platform within 15 days of from the date of publication of the notice, or 13 March 2021. DETE would like to make Irish industry aware of this notification, the process for interested parties to make submissions and ask that if interested parties intend to make a submission to please copy the Trade Policy Unit ( in DETE with your submission in order to allow for a more efficient coordination process in highlighting Irish industry concerns.

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