Credit Review Office - SME/Farms Experience of Accessing Credit 2017

In recent years, there have been significant changes in the way in which Banks are interacting with their SME customers. This applies both to how banks and borrowers interact (direct/phone/online banking), and to what information is required to access credit by SMEs and Farms. 

There is little understanding of the quality of the customer experience of SMEs and Farms which have applied for credit. The Government’s Action Plan for Jobs APJ60, has an objective to better understand the Banks’ credit application processes for SMEs and Farms who have applied for credit.  

The Credit Review Office has published a short survey to gather information, and many of the SME and Farm trade bodies are asking their members to contribute. If you would like to give a view on your experience of obtaining business/farm credit recently, and have 10 minutes to spare to complete our simple survey, this can be found at or click on the link Credit Review Office – SME Accessing Credit Survey 2017.

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