Consultations on European Economic Security Package

The European Commission is seeking the views of stakeholders on proposals set out in three white papers, published as part of a European Economic Security Package on 24 January 2024.


In June 2023 the European Commission published a Joint Communication on a European Economic Security Strategy. This strategy aims to minimise security risks for the EU arising from increased geopolitical tensions and accelerated technological shifts, while preserving the EU’s openness to business and investment and advancing its economic and technological dynamism.

As part of the follow up to this strategy, on 24 January 2024 the European Commission introduced a package of five initiatives to strengthen the EU’s economic security:

  • proposal for a new regulation on the screening of foreign investments
  • monitoring and assessment of outbound investment risks (White Paper on Outbound Investments)
  • more effective EU control of dual use goods exports (White Paper on Export Controls)
  • options to support research and development in technologies with dual use potential (White Paper on options for enhancing support of research and development)
  • enhance research security across the EU (Council Recommendation on Enhancing Research Security)

Three items within this package take the form of initial public consultation white papers, with the European Commission setting out questions or proposals on which stakeholder views are sought.

Planned objective

  • The White Paper on Outbound Investments seeks to understand the kinds of investments in certain critical technologies that are made from the EU; whether such investments may put EU/Member States security at risk; and if so to what extent such risks can be mitigated by existing tools or would justify additional proportionate EU or national level policy action. 
  • The White Paper on Export Controls launches a discussion on the current export control framework and makes short to medium term proposals for uniform and effective controls across the EU. 
  • The White Paper on options for enhancing support for research and development involving technologies with dual-use potential explores options to improve the integration and cross fertilisation of civil and defence technologies in the European industry.


Submissions to the public consultations can be made via the European Commission’s Have Your Say portal.

Direct links to each consultation:

Feedback on the White Paper on Outbound Investments (deadline for submissions: 17 April 2024)

Feedback on the White Paper on Export Controls (deadline for submissions: 30 April 2024)

Feedback on the White Paper on options for enhancing support for research and development involving technologies with dual use potential (deadline for submissions: 30 April 2024)


Topics: Trade and Investment, Investment Screening, EU and Internal Market