Template forms - guidance on written notices under the Construction Contracts Act 2013

The Construction Contracts Act, 2013 provides for a number of written notices and the Act sets out the requirements for those notices. The Act and the Code of Practice Governing the Conduct of Adjudications does not prescribe the mandatory use of forms for the purposes of these notices.

An Executing party is required to serve a Payment Claim Notice on the Other party to the construction contract, no later than 5 days after the payment claim date.   

If the Other party contests that the amount claimed by the Executing party is due and payable, the Other party is required to respond in writing to the Executing party, no later than 21 days after the payment claim date. Either party has the right to refer the payment dispute for adjudication. In order to exercise this right, a Notice of Intention to refer the Payment Dispute for Adjudication should be served. These notices are required to be served in respect of each individual payment dispute. 

The Construction Contracts Adjudication Service is providing the template forms below for guidance only. A party to a construction contract may choose to use any of these template forms; however it is their responsibility to ensure that the form used is appropriate for their particular circumstance. A party may modify any of the template forms below as appropriate.

No liability for any loss incurred by a party to a construction contract shall attach to the Minister of State, the Chairperson of the Construction Contracts Adjudication Panel or the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment arising from the use of any of these forms.

If you require Form No 5, please see Application to the Chairperson for Appointment of Adjudicator.

If you require the Statistical Data Form, please see Adjudicator - Statistical Data Form.

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