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Update on Quota for Meat Deboners and Work Riders

18 August 2023

The Employment Permits Regulations 2017, Statutory Instrument No 333 of 2019, set a maximum quota of 300 General Employment Permits for Meat Deboners and introduced a new quota of 100 General Employment permits for Work Riders.  In October 2021 the quota for Meat Deboners was increased by a further 500 permits. 

These quotas have now been filled.  Applications submitted and awaiting processing will now be rejected.  No new applications for Meat Deboners or Work Riders should be submitted

Renewal of an Employment Permit: Health Care Assistant

11 July 2023

In June 2021 the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment provided access to the General Employment Permit for the role of Health Care Assistant. The framework agreed with the Department of Health included the requirement for the employment to offer a remuneration level of €27,000 or more and for the permit holder to achieve a relevant Level 5 Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) qualification after two years employment in the State.

The department has been engaged with the Department of Health regarding the requirement to ensure individuals working as Health Care Assistants have developed the skills and range of qualifications at the time of renewal of their general employment permit. This new approach agreed allows Health Care Assistants in possession of other relevant health and social care qualifications, comparable to a Level 5 QQI, be deemed to have met the skills and proficiency requirements for the renewal of their general employment permit.

The process will require the clinical lead in the healthcare facility to certify that the individual has demonstrated their technical ability, qualifications, and suitability to the Health Care Assistant role during their employment. The clinical lead, employee and employer will need to complete the required form and submit this to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment as part of the application process for the renewal of the general employment permit.

For all Health Care Assistants who have obtained the relevant Level 5 QQI qualification, please proceed with the standard renewal process. All other Health Care Assistants who have not attained Level 5 QQI, should download the Health Care Assistant renewal form and submit it through the EPOS (Employment Permits Operations System) along with the renewal documents. 

Stamp 4 for NCHDs in public hospitals

16 May 2023

Doctors who have completed 21 months employment on an employment permit in a public hospital are now eligible to apply for a Stamp 4 Letter of Support. This arrangement is similar to the arrangements in place for Critical Skills Employment Permits holders. Doctors can apply by completing the form available here: Request for Stamp 4 Support Letter. Applications must be accompanied by the documentation listed on the form.  

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