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Employment Permits for HGV Drivers

From 3 April 2017, provision was made in the Employment Permit Regulations for employment permits to be granted to HGV drivers who meet the criteria and who are in possession of a valid CE or C1E driving licence. 

In consultation with Department of Transport and the Road Safety Authority (RSA), the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has agreed to provide that such permits may be granted to the holders of valid mutually recognised CE/C1E licences, and meeting the other criteria (including remuneration levels) for the employment permit, for a period of up to two years. At present four countries are covered by mutual recognition agreements for CE/C1E licences – South Africa, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Further information on jurisdictions outside the EEA with mutual recognition agreements in respect of CE/C1E licences, can be found on www.rsa.ie.

RSA have agreed to validate licences which are forwarded to them by the Employment Permits Unit for this purpose prior to grant of employment permits. Accordingly, copies of both the front and back of the appropriate licence should be forwarded with the application, as the back of the licence may, in specific cases, contain data relevant to the licence issued.

At renewal of the employment permit for this occupation, an Irish CE/C1E licence would be required to be submitted in additional to satisfying all other criteria set down in the legislation.

Holders of all HGV permits are expected to comply with all other regulatory requirements for HGV drivers including those relating to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, etc.


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