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Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) – Awards under First Call (2018)

Projects approved for €5 to 10 million in DTIF funding over the 3 years to 2021 


Consortium Members

Project Summary

Research Priority Area and   Technologies

Enterprise Partner Locations

Maximum Award (subject to contract   negotiation)

A Disruptive Gene Therapy Platform, Replacing Viruses in the Treatment of Genetic Conditions

Amryt Pharma, Curran Scientific Ltd, University College Dublin, DEBRA Ireland

This project aims to disrupt the Viral Gene Therapy Market using a new Polymer-based Delivery Platform.

Health & Wellbeing – Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Amryt – Dublin

Curran – Limerick



HOLISTICS - Holistic Human Sensing for Health, Aging and Wellness

Tyndall National Institute, DABL, PMD Solutions, De Royal, Setanta, University College Cork Lero, Sanmina, Design Partners, VRAI, Henkel, ADI, HRB CRF-C, University College Cork Insight

HOLISTICS will create for the first time in Ireland, a disruptive Smart Wearables Industry Value Chain to deliver end-to-end HealthTech solutions based   on emerging human-centric intelligent sensors and their wireless communication (abbrev. WSN) to support new products.

Health   & Wellbeing



DABL -   Dublin

PMD   Solutions- Cork

De Royal   - Dublin

Sanmina   Design Partners – Cork

Henkel –   Dublin

VRAI –   Dublin

Analog   Devices – Limerick




AuriGen Solution for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

Aurigen Medical Ltd, University College Cork/Tyndall, National University of Ireland Galway (TMD LAB)

This project will finalise the development and move to commercialisation, a cardiac implant to treat the stroke and arrhythmia risk associated with longstanding atrial fibrillation.

Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices



‘The Future of Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: Combining Tissue Responsive Probes, AI and Machine Learning to Transform Medical Care’

RCSI, Deciphex, IBM Research, University College Dublin

This project aims to transform   the diagnosis and surgical treatment of Gastro-Intestinal (GI) diseases, specifically cancer, by allowing decision-support   information to be available when needed for faster and more accurate interventions for patients. Applications will be developed in surgery and diagnostics using AI and machine learning.

Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices, Diagnostics &   Therapeutics



Therapeutic enzymes as a treatment for sepsis and other immune disorder diseases

Cala Medical, Curran Scientific, University of Limerick

This consortium has a disruptive technology, Cytoflow5, for the treatment of sepsis. The technology will be further expanded to disrupt   areas currently dominated by monoclonal antibodies and thus disrupt the biologics area. This will result in a panel of new therapies for the treatment of diseases including sepsis, psoriasis, arthritis and Crohn’s   disease.


Health & Wellbeing – Diagnostics & Therapeutics



 Projects approved for €3 to 5 million in DTIF funding over the 3 years to 2021


Consortium Members

Project Summary

Research Priority Areas and   Technologies

Enterprise Partner Locations

Award (subject to contract   negotiation)

Towards safe and effective off the shelf cellular therapy for cancer

Onkimmune, Janssen, National University of Ireland Galway

This project will develop a disruptive, optimised, off-the-shelf Natural Killer (NK) Cell therapeutic platform for the treatment of multiple cancers.

Health & Wellbeing - Therapeutics

Onkimmune – Kildare

Janssen - Dublin


Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Line

Tyndall National Institute, Ficontec, MBRYONICS, Eblana Photonics, Sanmina Ireland, Faztech

This project will build a physical Photonic Packaging Pilot Line in Ireland designed to fill the gap that exists today, i.e. to fabricate tens to hundreds of units. The Photonic Packaging Pilot Line Hub will A) develop packaging designs tailored to fast cost-effective packaging processes and equipment and B) develop and install next generation packaging equipment (including test) with reduced cycle-times.

ICT & Manufacturing

MBryonics   – Galway

Eblana   Photonics – Dublin

Sanmina   -Ireland – Cork

Faztech   - Dublin


Microfluidic Gene Transfection Cell Analysis and Sorting Platform (GTCASP)

Cellix Ltd, Trinity College Dublin Physics, Trinity College Dublin Med, National University of Ireland Galway

This project will see the company deliver new cell   manufacturing solutions to the pharma industry, building on excellent scientific research in gene therapy.

Health & Wellbeing – Diagnostics &   Therapeutics



Projects approved for €1 to 3 million in DTIF funding over the 3 years to 2021


Consortium Members

Project Summary

Research Priority Area and Technologies

Enterprise   Partner Locations

Award   (subject to contract negotiation)

Cooperative Energy
Trading System (CENTS)

International Energy
Research Centre, MPower, MSemicon, Templederry

Renewable Energy Supply, University College Cork, National University of Ireland
Galway, DIT

CENTS (Cooperative Energy Trading System) is proposing a disruptive technology platform for the electricity sector where consumers and communities will be empowered with the necessary infrastructure to generate their own electricity, earn from the excess electricity generation, and finally, to be an integral part of decarbonizing their homes and communities for sustainable living. With CENTS a software solution for a blockchain enabled cooperative peer-to-peer energy trading platform will be provided and necessary hardware requirements and market/regulatory strategies will be proposed.


Energy, Climate Action & Sustainability

Templederry – Tipperary

MSemicon - Dublin



Davra Networks,
Dublin City University

The goal of this project is to provide a reliable, verifiable and secure end-to-end remote patient monitoring system which has rich data, affordable & reliable network connectivity, machine learning and data integrity at its core.

Health & Wellbeing


ICT – Internet of Things

Davra   – Dublin

Danalto   – Dublin

Intel   – Kildare




Neurent Medical Ltd,
National University of
Ireland Galway

Neurent Medical is creating a new therapy for patients suffering from rhinitis that will give the patient immediate and long-lasting relief from their symptoms and remove the need to take daily medication to manage their condition.

Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices



Medical Imaging Ireland

IBM Ireland, Nova Leah, University College Dublin,
DKIT, Davra Networks Ltd

Medical Imaging Ireland (MED-I) will build a platform offering enabling technologies which can host, manage, process and analyse image and text data and brings together the entire ecosystem of   actors in the medical imaging domain.

Health & Wellbeing

IBM – Dublin

Nova Leah – Dublin

Davra - Dublin


ArtEngine 2.0: Bringing Automated, AI-Driven 3D
World Creation to Market

Artomatix, Black
Shamrock, WarDucks, Keywords

This project leverages Artificial Intelligence to automate the creation of 3D models and worlds,

However, the cost of 3D content creation is prohibitive for small studios and this project is an enabler for the development and adoption of AR/VR.




HYDRO-fish: Combining targeted nutraceuticals and traceability technology for
a smarter and sustainable Irish fish aquaculture industry

National University of
Ireland Galway,
Bio-Marine Ingredients Ireland, Teagasc, Marine Institute

HYDRO-fish is a multi-disciplinary research programme, specifically designed to employ current technologies from other sectors to disrupt and enhance current fish farming practices. The project entails reinforcing the supply chain of Irish salmon production, in particular for organic salmon farming.






Signum Surgical Ltd,
Anecto Ltd

This project uses the BioHealx device (a bioabsorbable implant) to treat anal fistula and reduce surgical complexity.

Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices



E-BAMBI - Enhanced Biocompatibility of
Additively Manufactured
Biomedical Implants for Improved Clinical Outcomes

SEAM Research Centre, Schivo Medical, Graph Treatments Ltd,

This project will develop Additively Manufactured (using 3-D printing), Biocompatible, metallic components for the medical device industry. The project will focus both on the creation of implants with improved functional properties such as drug elution and also on metallic structures that can be absorbed into the human body when they have successfully completed their clinical function.

Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices


Manufacturing & Materials – Additive Manufacturing

Schivo Medical – Waterford

Graph Treatments – Dublin

Stryker – Cork/Limerick



High throughput microfluidic drug screening platform

HookeBio Ltd, CIT,
CAPPA, National
University of Ireland

The HookeBio platform is a disruptive technology that will allow pharma companies and clinicians to develop more accurate and responsive disease models for drug testing and may be expanded to testing of existing therapies on individual patient’s disease samples.

Health & Wellbeing – Diagnostics & Therapeutics




Optimised commercial-scale cultivation of protein-rich biomass from Palmaria
palmata for the generation of health enhancing plant based proteinaceous ingredients.

Allihies Seafood, Carbery, University of Limerick

This project aims to sustainably generate plant-based   proteinaceous ingredients for exploitation as a source of high quality protein and contribute to meeting the growing global demand for plant-based proteinaceous ingredients for animal and human consumption.




Future Software Systems Architectures

Dublin City University &

This project will leverage the internet network capability (and to some extent the Internet of Things) as a means to rapidly operationalise new software features. Central to this project will be the capacity to transform traditional slow software development organisations   into rapid feature delivery firm. AI research is also a feature


ICT – IoT, AI, Digital Platforms and Applications

Fourtheorem – Cork

Fineos – Dublin



Irish Lasers for the Internet of the Future (iLife)

Pilot Photonics, Dublin City University and Trinity
College Dublin

This project proposes a solution to the impending “capacity   crunch” problem for optical telecommunication and datacentre networks using optical frequency comb sources, a new type of laser which can replace the single mode lasers that have been used in long haul optical transport equipment for two decades.

ICT – Future Networks, IoT



Connected Medical Device Cybersecurity Transparency

Nova Leah, DKIT

This project will see the use of Artificial Intelligence, Data   Analytics and Blockchain techniques to provide a real-time platform for the two-way communication of safety-critical security information (i.e. vulnerabilities, threats) between Medical Device Manufacturers and Hospitals.

ICT – AI, Data Analytics and Blockchain


Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices



Creating the Bionic Man: Development of a “neural training suit” to assist individuals with sensorimotor impairments.

Trinity College Dublin, Biomedical Research

This project aims to develop the “Swiss-Army Knife” of Neurorehabilitation, a multifunctional neuromotor training suit. The suit will integrate an array of wearable biological sensors and a multisite neuromuscular stimulation system.

Health & Wellbeing



Beyond Food Labelling

IdentiGEN, University
College Dublin

Using massively multiplexed Next Generation Sequencing to   provide a crypto-anchor for food authentication and as a substitute for costly, error prone labelling and certification systems

Food and ICT



Advanced Environmental Decision Support System for Coastal Areas

Techworks Marine Ltd.
Dublin City University

This project will provide an advanced environmental decision support system to address issues such as coastal pollution and flooding. Such a system will provide enhanced insights to coastal industries, local authorities, government agencies and will ultimately benefit Irish society.

Energy, Climate Action & Sustainability


ICT – Data Analytics, Platforms and Content



Smart-Cardio – A Paradigm shift in Cardiac Arrhythmia Treatment

Atrian Medical Ltd,
National University of
Ireland Galway

This project will develop a medical device for treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) that will lead to substantially improved outcomes over current treatments. In addition, it will alter how arrhythmia treatment services are provided to patients – throughput in hospitals and clinics will be dramatically increased and per patient costs will be reduced.

Health & Wellbeing – Medical Devices




DEFINE-AM – Disruptive Finishing using Electrochemical machining for Additive Manufacturing

Blueacre Technology,
Trinity College Dublin

The DEFINE-AM project consortium aims to develop an innovative   Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Hybrid Laser-Jet Electrochemical Machine tool with 5-axis of motion that addresses the challenges of post-processing 3D-printed   metallic parts i.e. parts produced by the Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) additive manufacturing technique.

Manufacturing & Materials – Advance and Additive Manufacturing




Blockchain in the Technology Product Supply Chain

Exertis Supply Chain
Services, Sonalake,
University College Dublin (CeADAR)

This project aims to implement a Production blockchain to transform the Technology Product supply chain.

ICT - Blockchain