Annual Business Survey of Economic Impact (ABSEI) 2015

The DJEI ABSEI report provides data on all Irish-owned and foreign-owned client firms of the enterprise agencies from 2000-2015.

The DJEI ABSEI Survey shows that Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and Údarás na Gaeltachta client companies (with at least ten employees), in 2015, increased total sales and exports rose (current prices) to their highest levels since 2000. During 2015, Irish and foreign-owned clients achieved sales of €196bn and exports of €171bn.

  • In 2015, all agency client companies spent €42.6bn in the Irish economy through their purchases of Irish materials and Irish services and payroll to employees.

    • In 2015, the breakdown of this expenditure by client companies was €14.5bn on Irish materials and €10.5bn on Irish services while payroll amounted to €17.6bn.

  • Irish-owned companies spent €21.8bn while the value of foreign-owned companies expenditure was €20.8bn.  

Data published includes the Irish economy expenditure of these firms on the Irish economy along with sales and exports results. The data presented gives an overview of the evolution of manufacturing and internationally-traded services sectors over the sixteen year period.

Published by Enterprise Strategy, Competitiveness and Evaluation

Topics: Surveys and Data