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Brexit Research

An assessment of the economic impacts arising for Ireland from the potential future trading relationship between the EU and UK

This report analyses the possible impact of Brexit on the Irish economy based on the trade provisions of the Revised Political Declaration (RPD) on the Future Relationship between the EU and the UK.

Brexit: A National SME Study

This report provides the results from a survey of over 1,000 SMEs which was carried out between September and October 2019. The aim of the survey was to garner insights on the current and anticipated future impact of Brexit on the SME base in Ireland.

Export Participation and Performance of Firms on the Island of Ireland

This study takes an in-depth look at small firms participating in cross-border exporting, and provides a comprehensive picture of cross border trade and the international activities of firms in both economies.

Intermediate Goods Inputs and the UK Content of Irish Goods Exports

Intermediate Goods Inputs and the UK Content of Irish Goods Exports, an ESRI report sponsored by the Department and Enterprise Ireland, examining the reliance of Irish imports on the UK, and identifying the extent of exposure to potential disruptions post-Brexit.

Irish-UK Services Trade and Brexit

Irish-UK Services Trade and Brexit, an ESRI research paper sponsored by the Department and Enterprise Ireland, estimating the contribution of EU membership to services trade flows, and examining the exposure of Irish services sectors to potential disruptions post-Brexit.

Addressing the skills needs arising from the potential trade implications of Brexit

This study identifies the skills needs required for enterprise to mitigate the impacts of Brexit on Irish goods trade, and outlines a suite of recommendations that can be drawn upon to meet this objective.

Findings and insights of the firm-level impact of Brexit on most exposed sectors

This report details the findings and insights of the firm-level impact of Brexit on most exposed sectors, through quantitative and qualitative methods, focusing on 15 sectors.

Brexit and Irish Consumers

Research undertaken by the ESRI and commissioned by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) assesses the potential impact of Brexit on Irish households.

Cross-border trade and supply chain linkages

The report examines the patterns of cross-border trade on the island of Ireland, focusing on the role of supply chain links, measured by the extent of trade in intermediate products and the contribution to overall trade of two-way trading firms (those simultaneously importing and exporting).

Ireland and the Impacts of Brexit

This report examines the implications and quantifies the impact of possible new barriers to trade which might emerge as a result of Brexit.

Brexit – the views of Irish SMEs survey results

The Behaviour and Attitudes (B&A) survey was conducted in the autumn of 2017. It examined the current and potential future impact of Brexit on Irish SMEs.

Potential Impact of WTO Tariffs on Cross-Border Trade

A new research study, commissioned by InterTrade Ireland and funded by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, which analyses the potential impact of World Trade Organisation tariffs on goods trade between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain. Such tariffs could be imposed following Brexit, in the absence of a comprehensive trade agreement being agreed between the EU and the UK.

Brexit – the view of Irish SMEs

Behaviours & Attitudes, on behalf of DJEI, conducted a survey of a sample of 1045 SMEs in Ireland seeking their views on the impact of Brexit on their businesses.