European Commission public consultation on prohibiting production for export of chemicals banned in the EU

The European Commission has launched an open public consultation on a legislative initiative which aims to introduce a mechanism prohibiting production and export of certain hazardous chemicals that are banned in the EU.

This initiative aims to protect non-EU countries from the negative effects of these chemicals on human health and the environment.

The initiative is a commitment made under the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, which is part of the Green Deal’s ambition for a toxic-free environment. The objective is to promote safety and sustainability standards outside the EU, to further align the EU’s internal and external policies, and lead by example. The initiative will also contribute to a safer environment in the EU, by potentially minimising the use in non-EU-countries of certain persistent and mobile chemicals that can cause cross-border harm.


More information about the consultation including how to provide feedback is available on the European Commission’s website at Hazardous chemicals – prohibiting production for export of chemicals banned in the European Union.

Closing date

Feedback should be provided by 31 July 2023.


Topics: Chemicals Regulation