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Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs)

Joint Programming Initiatives are voluntary partnerships between Member States (and Associated Countries) that aims to tackle some major but common European societal challenges by combining national research programmes thereby making better use of Europe's limited public R&D resources.

Joint Programming is a structured and strategic process whereby Member States agree on a common visions and Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) to address the various major societal challenges.

Joint Programming is one of the initiatives of the European Research Area (ERA) which has been in development since the Lisbon European Council in 2000. 

It is recognised that research can have a major role to play in addressing societal challenges currently facing Europe. These challenges (for example urban congestion, water scarcity, climate change, developing disease resistant vaccines) are so large in scale that they benefit from an integrated approach to research among Member States rather than each Member State trying to tackle these problems in isolation.

In recent years there has been greater emphasis on connecting national research programmes across Europe and the EU Research Framework Programme (FP7) was used to stimulate tighter integration of national research programmes in order to avoid duplication of research activities and to build critical mass in addressing research challenges. 

Horizon 2020 has a major focus on the ‘grand societal challenges’ to which all of the Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) are related.

To date, ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) have been launched by the Council. Ireland is active in eight of these JPIs:

Ireland does not participate in the following two JPIs:

More Years Better Lives

Urban Europe - Global Urban Challenges – Joint European Solutions


Member States are continuing to work together and different consortia have been established to develop a common vision and strategic research agenda for the JPIs and also to build instruments (national and European) that will provide the scope to implement the research agendas. 

DBEI participates in meetings of the national-level Steering Groups for a number of the JPIs, tracks the development of Ireland’s participation in the JPIs and represents Ireland on the EU level Joint Programming Committee (GPC).