What We Do


The Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire (CECAM) is a pan-European network which supports joint research and collaboration in the field of computational simulation science.

The focus of CECAM's activities is to encourage European collaboration in order to foster ground-breaking research on particle-based numerical approaches designed to tackle problems in the physical and life sciences, applied mathematics and engineering, and to strengthen links with adjacent fields of computational science.

Ireland has been a member of CECAM since 2007. CECAM-IRL is the Irish node of CECAM. It is the Atlantic Centre for Atomistic Modelling (ACAM), the director is Dr. Donal MacKernan and it is supported by the consortium of UCD and IUA. Since 2007, 15 CECAM workshops and tutorials have been held in Ireland with the generous support in particular of Science Foundation Ireland, the European Science Foundation, and the Ψk network.

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation currently fund the membership fees of CECAM-IRL to CECAM.

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